Plastic Free July

It’s hard to live by the sea and not realise that plastics are polluting our earth and harming so many sea animals and birdlife. We don’t take “just take 3 every time” we go to the beach, it is often a bag full of rubbish – balloons, fishing lines, water bottles, cutlery, toys, take away lids …99% plastic.

With a little attention to our actions, we can make a significant difference. We see friends every week at rugby who comment on our keep cups and water bottles and “how good we are” – there is nothing special about this, we have just got into a good habit, something everyone can easily do, if they care enough about our environment.

Finally, the NSW government, from June 1, 2022, has banned lightweight plastic bags and very slowly people are remembering to keep cloth or recyclable bags on their car, and to make the decision not to take a plastic bag for small items, often for things like bread, that are already in a plastic bag.

It’s strange to think that our grandparents didn’t have the options we have for plastic bags, take away cups with plastic lids, take away plates & cutlery …. oh such good times when the picnic basket and thermos were an essential part of every outing.

We now call having a picnic basket on hand with reusable cutlery, reusing food jars for leftovers and making paper chains instead of balloons as being resourceful, but really, it’s just another way – a better way for our planet and often much more fun. Give it a try, it will probably set you rolling for many more ways to rid plastic from your life and our oceans.

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