It is an interesting time to be writing about our community, as we all know, our work and home lives have changed dramatically in recent times.

We have been touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of so many of our makers & suppliers. Everyone has an attitude of helping where they can, offering more flexible terms and plenty of photos for online!

More importantly everyone - whether it be us with our fabulous Ginni & Marg, other local businesses, regular customers, stylists and business partners – is checking in on each other.

Our Berry Jam community has taken on a wonderful life of its own and we can’t wait to re-join all the amazing talented artists, creative designers and our thoughtful clients in person again.

Certainly, one of the best parts of running Berry Jam is working with talented Australians designers and makers like the delightful tribe behind  Batch, Bison Home, Brian Tunks, Canvas & Sasson, Corner Block Studio, Dharma Door, Inartisan, Joco, Luk Beautifood, Maison Balzac, Mrs Darcy, Myrtle and Moss, Saarde, Salus Body, Tanora, Urban Greens, Urban Rituelle  & Woodfolk.

Their passion for craftsmanship, fair trade, sustainable practises and eco living just inspires us more.


Our Community