Berry Jam was borne from Tim & Katie’s belief that with every purchase we make a stand for the type of world we want to live in. To that end we seek out brands and people who care about what, who and how their products are made.

This will be the second retail endeavour for Tim & Katie, having originally founded Jedo’s Beach House in 1998, before selling the business in 2005 to take their family of five on an adventure around Australia.

Thoughtfully Curated

Tim & Katie want Berry Jam to be a distinctive place where people love to come and search for treasures. To curate Sweet Living every piece they source must fit most of the following criteria:

  • All involved must be paid and treated fairly
  • designed for beauty & function
  • responsibly manufactured
  • made using sustainable materials
  • made using traditional skills & craftsmanship
  • adds to the soul of the home
  • built to last