Marvellous Mango Wood

Marvellous Mango Wood, Sustainable Furniture for Today.

If you are looking for planet friendly hardwood furniture, don’t go past mango wood. It is sad to think that not too long ago farmers would burn mango trees once they reached the end of their fruiting cycle. Now this marvellous timber provides an extra income to farmers, as they sell the wood to furniture makers, then plant new mango trees to continue the production cycle.

The many reasons Mango Wood is Sustainable & Marvellous - they:

  • reach 80-100 feet in about 15 years, compared to the 50+ years for oaks;
  • are a by-product of an existing industry, mango farming;
  • provide an additional income to mango farmers;
  • have the strength and longevity of other hardwoods;
  • are an affordable timber and easy for makers to work with;
  • can be stained any colour to resemble more traditional timbers.