Buy What You Believe

Buy What You Believe ...the seed that grew into Berry Jam.

In 2009 I registered a domain called Buy What You Believe – inspired by a t-shirt a friend designed when he was at Uni. That phrase always registered with me. Being in marketing I often heard people complain about the influence of advertising on people to buy. However, consumers have a lot of power too. Products only stay on the shelves if people continue to buy them.

The power of buying what you believe is that with every purchase you take a step towards the world you want for your friends, family and grandchildren to live in.

With every purchase we make a significant impact on our world. As consumers we have a responsibility to shape the kind of community we want to live in and enjoy. Thinking about what resources have been used, production processes and the final resting place of a product allows us to see if our values align with those of what we are buying. Making a conscious choice to buy less, buy better, or to buy locally results in less landfill, a shift to quality production and greater support for Australian jobs.

Paying a respected supplier a reasonable price for everything you buy, from your milk to your home furnishings, ensures those at the start of the production process are being paid a fair price.

Basic products for the home like Thank You body wash (100% of the profits work to end global poverty) and Who Gives a Crap recycled toilet paper (50% of the profits go to building toilets in the developing world) have been a staple in ours and many other Australian homes for years. Social enterprises are thriving because of their product quality and company values. It makes us feel part of something bigger to buy products from companies that are contributing to a better world.

In 2000 when we started our first retail venture, Jedo’s Beach House, we tried to focus on Australian made, but sadly found many customers were not willing to pay the price difference. However, times have changed, and people have a greater awareness of sustainability and fair working practices. We are inspired to see that Berry Jam customers value the quality and unique features of handmade, locally made, and sustainable products.

Conscious Consumerism

For us, Berry Jam created an opportunity to work with people and brands who hold the values we do. We are very conscious that we have a long way to go in our pursuit of ethical style and sustainable living. We invite you to join us on the road to a new way of living, that is better for people and our planet.

So whether you want to reduce landfill, help developing nations, support the environment, stop animal testing, encourage artisanal traditions or ensure Australian jobs or … take a moment to think what is involved with every item you buy. Who designed it, where are the materials or ingredients from, is everyone paid fairly along the chain, how long will this product last, and is supporting this business making a better world? Buy what you believe!