International Women's Day 2022

One of the joys of Berry Jam Sweet Living is dealing with the many amazing Women who are so creative and thoughtful in how they do business. It is inspiring this International Women's Day to acknowledge the growth in women-led sustainable businesses and fair-trade organisations that promote female artisans.

These Women have proved success can come when you care about the workers, the environment, the world - they are so inspiring to us! Shout out to our wonderful suppliers & their team, which are mostly women: Joy from Batch; Sarah from Canvas + Sasson; Penny & Anna from Carnival Homewares; Gillian and Amanda from Corban & Blair; Erin from Erin Lightfoot; Danni from Meeraboo candles; Luk Beautifood; Emily from Inartisan; Cate from Queen B; Leanne from Urban Rituelle; and Julia from Woodfolk.

Pictured: Joy from Batch, Julia from Woodfolk with Katie,

& Leanne from Urban Rituelle with Katie.