Dharma Door

Jute Wall Hanging w/Tassels Natural

$69 $139

The Dharma Door Tassel Jute Wall Hangings became an instant success when they were first introduced – and this Indigo variation is drawing just as much love.

Handmade – from start to finish – by fair trade artisans in remote rural communities of Bangladesh, this show-stopping piece features rows of jute tassels attached to an intricate macrame base piece. The indigo threads have been naturally dyed using locally-grown indigo, and allow the piece to tone with darker fixtures and fittings.

Whether you are looking for a natural statement piece for a freshly renovated or contemporary space, or you are seeking to add to an already bohemian vibe, The Dharma Door's jute wall hangings are the perfect way to make an impact with handmade style throughout your home.

  • Hand woven jute macrame
  • Handcrafted jute tassels
  • Naturally dyed indigo fibres

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