We were lucky enough to meet Leith at our first trade show in thirteen years, just before we opened Berry Jam. They were at Life in Style with their fabulous frames made from sustainably sourced timber in unique designs. Their genuine skill and passion to do things better was impressive.

Corner Block Studio was born on a corner block in Brisbane (Yuggera and Turrbal Country), Australia. It grew from the original designs, personal values and the entrepreneurial energy of co-founders (and life partners) Natalie Lane and Leith Morriss - an Industrial Designer and Mechanical Engineer duo. All their products hold the values of Corner Block Studio – original, well made, and environmentally sustainable. Each frame is of the highest quality, crafted to be enjoyed for a lifetime. They choose to work with materials that are environmentally sustainable and cruelty-free, guided by a deep admiration for our precious earth.

Materials Matter
Corner Block’s hardwoods are beautiful Australian species and are 100% recycled - salvaged from old structures like buildings and bridges. They are beautiful and rich in character. The Pine, sustainably grown in local plantations is a crisp and light timber, known as Hoop Pine, is actually an Araucaria. And the white hanging cord is 100% cotton, inside and out - choosing cotton because it is a renewable material and will safety biodegrade at the product's end-of-life.
Sweet Living Insights
What’s Your favourite Australian made product?
Blackinkk wallets - Varun is a craftsman with a designers eye.
Why did you start Corner Block?
Natalie wanted a photo album on the wall - so she made it happen. And her frustrations with the waste and lack of environmentally sustainable practices at her work got her thinking.
What has been the biggest challenge of Covid for you professionally?
Maintaining timeliness and quality of our raw materials.
What do you enjoy most about Corner Block Studio?
Choice and freedom. And better work-life balance.
What’s your best sustainable living tip?
Compost! Its a massive impact, even if you don't use the compost yourself. Every food scrap going to landfill generates a gas (methane) that is 25 times worse for global warming than what your backyard/local compost bin will do - 25 times! - and a little bit of research on brown vs green matter and your compost won't smell.

Written By Katie, Natalie & Leith