Corner Block Studio

Tea Towel Frame Blonde Reclaimed Hardwood


A timber frame for displaying Tea Towels.

Made from premium, sustainable timber, and 100% cotton cord. Hardwoods are recycled timbers, reclaimed from projects such as demolished bridges and old homes. They are premium grade, exceptionally beautiful, durable and character filled timbers.

Ideal for Tea Towels up to 51cm wide and any length. This is a common Tea Towel size. Your Tea Towel is securely clamped in each timber bar using a soft cotton cord.


  • Made from 100% renewable materials
  • Recycled Australian Hardwood: Blonde – light brown and yellow coloured timbers with fair tones of ripe wheat, sandy shores and an occasional soft pinkish tinge Finished with a protective natural oil coating
  • Designed and crafted in Australia

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