Dharma Door

Large Jute Basket Charcoal


Your laundry, linen and firewood never looked so good! The Large Charcoal Jute Basket is a captivating way to keep things in easy reach.

The basket is handmade – from start to finish – by fair trade artisans in remote, rural communities of Bangladesh. An age-old method of tannin, sourced from local seeds and leaves, and iron rust is used to naturally dye the fibres for our much-loved charcoal colour. The women plait, coil and weave long strands of jute, before stitching the rows together using needle and thread. Two strong and sturdy handles show off their stunning skill.

As pleasing as they are practical, The Dharma Door’s woven baskets are a natural way to settle both storage and style.

Base 50 x 36 cm Height 36cm
3 kgs

  • Handmade by Fair Trade Artisans

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