Eucalyptus Boxed Soy Candle Small


A fresh blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and lemongrass.

The perfect scent to freshen every nook and cranny of your home in every season! The artwork features vibrant blue eucalyptus leaves, gum nuts, flowering gum and a Kookaburra.

What the customers say:
"I love that it smells like home."
"It reminds me of growing up in the bush."
"I love the conversation it has started just from sitting on our coffee table."
"I've heard that the scent brings back memories."
"I love that it celebrates the wonderful smell of Australia."
"It reminds me of the lemon scented gums from my childhood."

  • Australian Made Candle
  • Handpoured Soy Candle
  • Large - 300g / 50+ hours / double wick

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