Desert Pea Boxed Soy Candle


The scent: Strong-willed and intense with notes of nectar, rose and tiger lily.

Welcome to the exclusive Australian Wildflower Collection… a celebration of the beautiful, inspirational, resilient, authentic Australian women in our lives. The exquisitely delicate, limited edition collection is dedicated to our mother figures – the ones that show up, shape up, and never give up on us.

Desert Pea Inspiration: A uniquely eye-catching wildflower, the Desert Pea features pea-shaped, butterfly blooms. The dazzling scarlet and black displays are set against downy silver foliage. The striking wildflower grows best in the desert - left wild and free. The annual plant has a trailing habit. It often flowers after rain and prefers a sunny yet sheltered position. The Desert Pea has captured the imaginations of generations. Ancient dreaming stories pay homage to the Desert Pea as a flower of remembrance. The depth of the blood-like colours have symbolised much for those who have witnessed it growing in the arid interior of the continent embodying images of loyalty, respect, peace, sacrifice and lineage.

  • Candle Size - 300g / 50+ hours / double wick
  • Australian Made Candle
  • Handpoured Soy Candle

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