Dharma Door

Coaster Set Lidded Basket


The natural Palm Fibre Coaster Set x 8 are a beautiful way to introduce woven texture to your table.

The basket that is included in this set serves as a practical vessel for storing your coasters in one place in between use. Complete the look with the Palm Fibre Placemat set x 8.

Handmade by fair trade artisans in a village community of Bangladesh, each piece is assembled by bundling kaisa grass; wrapping them in fine strips of date palm fibre and coiling and weaving them into shape. The women who make these pieces work from home and a genuine Fair Trade partnership ensures they are paid fairly for their time and skills, among many other benefits.

Coasters: 10cm x 8 pieces
Basket: 12cm diameter x 12cm high

  • Handmade by Fair Trade Artisans

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